Vibrant Velvet Voice is a communication and production storytelling based business that champions the woman of color to expand her influence and wealth through collaboration. Our mission is to model new methods of business based on collaboration not competition, to cause conciliation and compassion.

We do this through an online consortium of entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. Motivated by our mission, we expand members businesses and projects through collaborative efforts, innovative business and service exchange strategies, including software, other tech, financial programs, educational, and entertainment.

Our major product is The Legacy Story Project. It is a multi-level project including workshops in the process of defining, developing and telling your legacy story, exhibitions and/or presentations of legacy stories, and an archive of legacy stories.

The Nyanspo, a symbol from the Twi people of Ghana, is a wisdom knot.  Like this symbol,  your vibrant velvet voice represents the totality of your being - your wisdom, your ingenuity, your intelligence, and your patience that enables you to possess the Nyanspo qualities.


A legacy story is found in the driving motivational force that propels your life. Reflection on the foundation upon which you make decisions and take actions reveals the source of your legacy story. Once found, you define your legacy story and you develop it into a material form for posterity. Your material form can be written, audio or video recording, photos, scrapbook, or an institution.


Vibrant Velvet Voice helps you claim and create your Legacy Story

Do you feel that your life is not valued?  You know you've loved, worked and created.

But as your body and life changes, a feeling of purposelessness may wrap around you.  Yet, something rises within you saying your life does matter, you do have knowledge and experience to share to benefit your generations and the world.

You're ready to tell your Legacy Story.

But you have no idea where to begin, what it is, or how to do it.

With Vibrant Velvet Voice, you will go through a three step process to define, develop, and tell your story.

This is not a quick trip process.  You will look within to clarify and define the seed purpose of your life that is your legacy.

You will then take that seed and examine how it grew in specific experiences to develop your story, learning the elements for a good story.

Finally, you will decide how you want to tell your story, what medium or method and be guided in the process with resources and training.

It all begins with a call.  Click Here to begin creating your Legacy Story.

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