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Learn How to Enrich Every Moment of Your Life!

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What These Books Will Teach You

Do You Feel Your Life is Passing by Without Purpose or Fulfillment? These Books Will Show You How to Reclaim and Treasure the Joys of Life.

  • Know Your Heart

    Skywalker opens her heart to guide you with techniques, tools, and stories to open your heart to life’s boundless possibilities.

  • Explore World Cultures

    Discover different ways of experiencing common life events through entertaining and enlightening stories.

  • Learn How to Value Time

    The practice of mindfulness teaches you how to treasure each moment by learning to control the meanderings of your mind.

  • Shine a Light on Health & Wellness

    Learn how  how to avoid becoming a pawn of the medical system by developing mindfulness and listening to your body.

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From the moment of birth, all sentient beings share the same destiny few care to discuss or think about. Skywalker removes fear and encourages exploration and conversation through retold world and original stories that explore the ultimate wonder.

Using a unique format, the book opens with poetry and essays examining the ultimate wonder. The stories are discussed along shared themes in the next section. Finally, the stories are presented as storytelling programs for defined audiences - women, veterans, lovers, families.

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Skywalker Payne lived a life of self-healing, beginning in her youth, keeping her healthy and looking young. When she became a registered nurse she gained an insider's understanding of the limitations of the western medical system. She also learned how the practice of mindfulness is creating a new era in wellness and healthcare.

Skywalker shares her journal entries written while taking Dave Potter's online mindfulness course and teaches her unique approach to developing a consistent mindfulness practice. And she explains how the practice of gratitude contributes to abundance and fulfillment.

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