Ready to participate in online events? 

You've watched online summits, maybe purchased one but the thought of being in one still overwhelms you? 

Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions can remove that type of overwhelm. We specialize in producing online events that are uplifting, educational, and entertaining, with focuses on spiritual/personal development, social justice, and environmental/nature issues.

I'm Gogo Griot - Elder Healer, Storyteller

I'm also Skywalker Payne, founder of Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions. After producing the first all-woman-of-color online summit in 2019, I spent time learning more about business, clarifying my purpose, and expanding my coaching and healing skills.

Now, we're in the position to help you, as a presenter, to share your important services and knowledge with thousands, if not millions, needing your message.

Are you ready to Expand your power for good?

You've seen the claims to make thousands and hundreds of thousands through online summits and for some that may be true. What is never disputed is the lasting benefits of an online summit.

One of the lasting benefits is the creation of business relationships that last for years and are often mutually financially beneficial. The basic premise of an online event is to create a collaboration which expands the audience of all involved. 

Summits also increase a business or service's credibility. You have a resource to sell, or offer as a free opt-in. Or you can always repurpose your presentation as a masterclass, course, or membership introduction. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Yes, you can make money. You'll make money from your affiliate fee as a participant. Also, most importantly, you're introducing your services to many new potential clients or customers. You'll get new subscribers to your email list for your free or introductory offers. The online event is a direct path to your higher priced offers and services.

So, in summary, an online event with Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions offers three major benefits:

Ease of participation, provision of marketing tools, and detailed planning
Significant ROI potential from affiliate, presentation fees, and expanded audience
Beneficial and often long-term business relationships that lead to profitable collaborations

You don't need another class or checklist.

Examples of Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions

She’s methodical, patient and friendly.

I must say that I have been so impressed with her follow through. I'm very busy, and went on a two week vacation. When I returned, she'd created multiple short and easy to understand videos for all of the participants to understand the processes. Skywalker's mindful of all the details required, and kept us posted. 
I also really enjoy chatting with her. I’m pleased to be on the journey with Skywalker Payne.

Michelle Beauchamp

The Champ Group

I'm honored to be part of this groundbreaking event.

Skywalker has done an amazing job in organizing it. She has the ability to bring out the best in the women she's interviewing and has been attentive to every detail of putting it all together. It's been a pleasure to work with her and I am excited to be a part of this transformative event.

Luz Chacon

Luz Chacon Wellness

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