You've devoted your life to healing others but time, circumstances, environment, have left you disillusioned, frustrated, and sick.
It's time for a healer's holiday.

In three years, after retiring from nursing, i lost 30 pounds, Studied and worked with international healers, and Received anointment as an ancestral energy healer,  Here now
to facilitate your healing experience.

Release, Relax, Renew, re-create.

What higher calling is there than to help others heal. But you cannot satisfy thirst from an empty well. For healers to heal, you must be healed, whole, balanced, and energized. We are grateful to offer you a few creative, congenial options to facilitate your healing experience.

a lifetime
in the making

You're a nurse, a CNA, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Assistant, Reiki Master or doctor. You're tired all of the time and you just can't seem to say no. Until bam, your body, or your emotions, shut down.

Now is the time to regain your balance and wholeness. Time to release stress, relax, create, get in touch with your natural self and nature. 

Benefit from insight, wisdom, ancestral and energy healing and other practices proven to uplift and rejuvenate. 

I was inspired and motivated by your gift to guide and help us to get a new perspective to not only heal ourselves, but our ancestors too.

Anna Blisset

How to heal yourself and have fun doing it!)

Whether you became a nurse practitioner to make more money and be in charge or chose to be an RN because you like working with people, right now somethings not right. You may just be tired, too much work during these times, or you don't feel appreciated, or. your personal life is a shambles. Whatever the challenge, you know you need healing.

Ancestral Healing Journey

This is an online group experience that is three months long and provides the following

Energetic healings of ancestral trauma, illness, or emotional blocks
Achievement of sense of peace, balance, and wholeness
Energetic Connection to ancestors
Improved relations with living family members
Six months membership in the Unified Synergy Assembly
Participation in a Healing Holiday 

In addition to four ancestral energy healings will be monthly group meetings to share feelings, experiences, challenges and answer questions.

Unified Synergy Ascent

Two retreats, one online and one in Homer, Alaska when safe.

Five days of relaxation and release of stress, worry, and frustration
A variety of healers and practices to choose from
Support in meditation, visualization, or spiritual energetic needs 
Ancestral healings 
Outdoor Activities
Year-long membership in the United Synergy Assembly

The ultimate goal is to offer a unique healing experience in the "Mediterranean of Alaska," Homer, Alaska.

I'm pumped and ready to go... are you ready?

The space she created felt absolutely warm and peaceful. The process helped me let go of deep pain and trauma. I appreciate you for the professional, kind, and warm way you helped me gain insights I could never have reached in any other way.

Diny Van Den Bout


Vibrant Velvet Voice

For the healer seeking renewed purpose, balance, and community.

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