Want Memorable Moments Only A Celebrant Can Create?

Are you planning a wedding, birth naming, anniversary, or memorial service?  As a Celebrant, I will partner with you to create your dream event. 

Gogo Skywalker Payne is a Celebrant

Alaskan Celebrant

I’m eight years old and suddenly think, "I always was and always will be." But, I'm a devout Catholic girl and learned that only God always was and always will be. From that moment, I was protected, guided, and led to live a spiritual life. Eventually, I learned the law of conservation of energy which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. All living beings are made of energy.

After leaving the Catholic Church in my freshman year of college, I began a spiritual journey. I took Shahada and practiced Islam. Later I received Hindu initiations, learned to sit in meditation, and practiced hatha yoga. Finally, I found my spiritual home in Tibetan Buddhism.

With that foundation, I learned Toltec ancestral healing, became a Reiki master, deepened my visualization ability, and recognized that gratitude is a superpower. In 2024 I became an ordained non-denominational minister and began Celebrant Ceremonies.

 Celebrant Ceremonies Services

"Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation. To be entertained is a passive state--it is to receive pleasure afforded by an amusing act or a spectacle.... Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions." Abraham Joshua Heschel

A Celebrant's goal is to apply the energy of transcendence to your important life events. In the USA, an ordained minister, or other recognized officiant can perform additional Celebrant services. These services include working with participants to create a ceremony incorporating meaningful words, prayers, and practices. As a past participant in Christian, Islam, and Hindu religions, Gogo Skywalker can offer meaningful insight to different religious as well as non-religious traditions and ceremonies.   All services, except weddings, by Celebrant Ceremonies. are available as live local events or distant virtual events.

Weddings, of all sizes, and Vowal Renewals 
Naming Ceremonies
Coming of Age Ceremonies
Memorial Services
Special Events
Spiritual Life Coaching

Being With Gogo Skywalker

You have one of the most gentle, kind, compassionate spirits I have ever come across. Your presence is calming and soothing. You are walking medicine to the soul. -- Jen Alvarez
You remind us well of the grace and compassion that surrounds us even when the night seems dark. For that I am grateful. -- Jeff Nguyen
The concept of wholeness does describe your spirit – someone who sees and shares beauty, who is adventurous and playful, and who looks at deep issues that many others avoid. You also seem to interweave a sense of gratitude into all that you do. -- Carol Hand
A gifted writer, thinker, and storyteller who reminds me to look deeper to see that all life is sacred. -- Eric J. Baker
I feel rejuvenated and confident about my life and relationship with my loved ones. Gogo Skywalker Payne is a powerful healer who understands the needs of the receiver, holds space in a constructive manner and provides support as needed. -– Banita Negi
You've stated many truths, and in such a loving, caring and inclusive way. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, and for all you share artistically and spiritually with your friends. I'm proud to know you and to be one of the fortunate recipients of your lovely poetry and wisdom. -- Gary White

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