Wants and needs in conflict?

 Time to heal your story.

Are you tired of the drama? Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, and in despair with the state of the world and your life? Yet, you've known moments of  joy, happiness, and wholeness.

I've had those feelings too. Many times I tasted the sublime but kept sinking into the mud of repeated failure, disappointments, and unwanted drama. Over time, through study and practice, I learned how to control and end drama in my life. This led to the creation of the Personal Power Pyramid Process, to heal your story and end the drama in your life.

I'm Skywalker Payne, a storytelling energy healer and founder of Vibrant Velvet Voice. My work embraces my experience as a professional oral storyteller, performance artist, author, poet, registered nurse, and energy healer. 

Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions, LLC helps you end the drama in your life to create an abundantly fulfilling generous life. This assistance is individually designed to address your specific challenges.  We use a variety of techniques based upon the five step Personal Power Pyramid Process.

If you would like to consider working with Vibrant Velvet Voice please click the link below. Once we receive your answers to the questionnaire, you'll schedule a free call to discuss how we may best assist you.


1. make a person healthy and whole (2) repair and restore naturally, overcoming unfavorable conditions (3) to rectify something that causes discord and animosity (4) get rid of a wrong, evil, or painful affliction to restore original purity. 

(Definition from Encarta World English Dictionary, St. Martin's Press, 1999 and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, Merriam-Webster, 1994.)

Healing Offerings 

Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions mission is to assist individuals and organizations to achieve balance and wholeness.

R.A.C.E.S. - Race, A Concept Explored in Story Circle

Step 1

a two hour live interactive Zoom event for groups of 5 - 12 people from businesses or organizations to explore race in a non-threatening, non-judgemental, empathetic space. Find out more here.

Story Healing School of Light

Step 2

is an online educational space launched in July 2020. Ultimately the school will offer story healing courses, the Personal Power Pyramid Process, as well as courses from other instructors. Visit the school here.

Legacy Story Project

Step 2

is for the woman of color to share her wisdom and knowledge through publishing books and other media. If you are a woman of color, you can join this Facebook Group now.

Vibrant Velvet Voice Expressions

Step 4

is where you'll find books, statement shirts and other merchandise to enhance your healing experience. New products and store coming soon.

Working With
Vibrant Velvet Voice 

The concept of wholeness describes your spirit. You see and share beauty, and look at deep issues many avoid. 

 Carol Hand   Voices from the Margins

The Mp3 was amazing. It was wonderful to do breathing techniques properly. My first time I did 5-minute silent sit.

Aileen Ni      Business Consultant

Thank you once again for bringing positive change to the world. Your words are full of wisdom and insight.

Gulmakai Popal Saleh

The Golden Tree of Goodness

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