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Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions offers creative services and products shown to significantly contribute to abundance in spiritual realization and abilities.

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Story Solutions

See how changing your story can improve your life or your organization.

Healers' Harbor Shop

Find products to wear, expressing your uplifing ideals and identity.

Essential Oils

Learn about their energetic, cleansin and healing powers.


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Get Balanced

Release limiting ideas and mindsets

Be More Energetic

Learn how to build & protect your energy.

Increase Confidence

Develop inner strength, peace. and purpose.

Be Fearless

Overcome doubts,  denials, challenges.

Client Testimonials

"The space she created was warm and peaceful. The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. I gained insights I could never have reached any other way."
Diny Van Den Bout
"I felt more at ease with uncertainty, in alignment, more resilient, more courageous and present. I've received powerful tools to self-regulate my nervous system when I feel triggered.
Leah Moore
"I feel emotionally released from abusive patterns done by my own family which makes me more able to move on now. Energetic clarity eased emotional pain significantly."
Sierra Frost

About Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions

Skywalker Payne, founder of Vibrant Velvet Voice and a life-long spiritual practitioner, offered spiritual services for years before  she realized this calling is a business.  Her  calling came only after decades of seeking a spiritual home. She was an active participant in the Catholic, Islam, and Hindu religions but finally found her spiritual home in Buddhism.

Her Buddhist practice, as her teacher said, is a way of living, not a simple passive religious ceremony.  Over the years, through practice and study, she’s gained the spiritual strength to hold space for those needing support and guidance. In 2022, she made her bodhisattva vows to gain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, for as many lifetimes as this may take. And that year her ancestors gave her the name, Gogo Griot, Elder Storyteller.

In  addition to her religious experiences, she’s a Reiki Master, trained in the Toltec tradition of ancestral healing, a retired nurse, author,  oral storyteller, and life coach.  All of this experience, training, and spiritual practice  enable her to offer services and products that open the doorway to spiritual development and upliftment.  Spiritual development leads to material happiness, fulfillment, and abundance


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