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R.A.C.E.S. Circle Clients



The mission of R.A.C.E.S. - Race A Concept Explored in Story is to create compassionate community by healing and/or changing the stories that lead to inequality, injustice, economic hardships, physical, mental, and emotional pain. A compassionate world manifests when people learn how their stories reflect racist or other limiting biases and re-create their stories.  We envision a world in which everyone understands all things are connected.

Recognizing our connection, we work toward our highest values to manifest a world that cares for humanity, nature, all animals, and the environment equally.

While thoroughly recognizing the weight of racism and racist ideas, we approach antiracist education in a creative, cordial and at times fun manner.  Everyone has a racial or deeply emotional story and most need healing. Our racial story-healing circle is the vehicle to initiate healing. But a lifetime of racist ideas and emotional wounds is not destroyed by one story circle.

To continue healing we offer follow-up circles, resources, workshops, retreats, and ancestral healing sessions for your group and for individuals. Through follow-up programs antiracist ideas and information become embedded into your life. 

Participants of Healing Circle Say:

Deeply Meaningful

 A deeply meaningful experience. You are doing something very needed in this moment. 

Adele Person

Positive Method

I admire how focused it was on real experience. A positive & constructive method.

Argent Kvasnikoff

Safe Space

Most transformative was how you set a space of openness, trust, safety, and respect.

Carla Klinker Cope

Your Story Healing Facilitator - Skywalker Payne

 Storyteller. Author. Energy Healer.

  • At 5, I was told I couldn’t attend dance classes because I wasn’t white.   

  • At 16, I wrote a general and asked him why young men had to die in the Vietnam war. 

  • At 18, I interviewed Fred Hampton in the Chicago Black Panther Headquarters. Two weeks later he was shot in bed by the police. 

  • At 21, I cried as I watched Black men in Attica Prison shot down like animals. 

  • At 24, I spoke at the South Carolina capitol against the murder of Black men by the Highway Patrol. 

Being a Black woman in the USA is a journey to transcend violence, unfairness, and mistreatment. Fortunately, a life of gratitude, creativity, and spiritual practice balanced out the negativity.  In 2020 ancestral healings freed me and my ancestors of centuries of suffering.

Healing ancestral wounds and telling our stories enable us to release the past. We can re-create our world with compassion. 

R.A.C.E.S. facilitates racial story healing on the personal, organizational, and community level

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