Healing ancestral, racial, and spiritual wounds through storytelling.

Four Essential Practices to Ease Your Life

We use creative approaches to help you clarify and use YOUR vibrant velvet voice to achieve YOUR goals.

Your vibrant velvet voice is the essence of your life, all you've felt, learned, and believed. When you claim your voice, you experience the freedom of living fully in the moment with compassion for yourself and others.

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What Are You Waiting For? 

Whether you want to create a business in which your employees know your success benefits them or to create a robustly diverse organization with people of color in leadership positions, you must use your voice. But you are unsure of how to begin, what approach to use to motivate management, and why will staff or members trust you. 

Our creative storytelling approach offers different ways to answer your questions. You will see the effectiveness of facilitated racial story healing circles to begin discussions on active diversity and inclusion. Services are available to provide stress-relief and appreciation to improve your work environment.

Vibrant Velvet Voice designs simple solutions to facilitate creating the community you desire.

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