Healing ancestral, racial, and spiritual wounds through storytelling.

Heal Your Ancestors, Change Your Story, Heal Your Life.

Group Ancestral Healing

Heal known and unknown intergenerational trauma, limiting beliefs, emotional, and spiritual challenges. End feeling alone, confused, without purpose.

Healing Ancestral Racial Stories Circle

Healing circles for groups and organizations. Sharing stories in a facilitated process, brings healing, understanding, and community building.

Individual Healings & Coaching

Despite some areas of success in your life, you feel incomplete, tired, lacking of energy. You've lost your sense of purpose. Time to change your story?

Participants Share Their Ancestral Healing Experience

Skywalker facilitated an Ancestral Healing for me. The space she created felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful. The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma and I really felt my ancestors being able to heal their trauma through me. I gained insights I could never have reached in any other way.

Diny van den Bout, Mentor, Netherlands

I approached you to be my Spiritual Coach because I was impressed by your Ancestral Healing abilities. During the meditation you performed for the MNPC event, you enabled me, to feel relaxed, whilst offering me a safe space to speak to my ancestors, to heal and release my ancestors of the burden they have been carrying. 

Anna Blisset, Yoga Teacher, England

Taking time to understand what might have been happening for them and how that was passed along to my parent's parents down to me and my children seemed to open space in my being. I felt relieved of something I can't quite put my finger on, but overall relief. I will attend more sessions.

Sharon B. Rowe, Conflict Resolution, USA

Skywalker Payne

In the summer of 2020, I experienced a transformational ancestral healing. Soon after, I started R.A.C.E.S - Race A Concept Explored in Story. I facilitated racial healing circles and performed ancestral healings for individuals and groups. I saw clearly racial healing is not complete without ancestral healing. 

One of my favorite folktales is an African tale, "All Things Are Connected." We are energetic beings. Energy is never destroyed. The energy of our ancestors, resides within us. And we are all connected in this vast energetic universe. The unresolved trauma and sadness of our ancestors does impact our daily lives. But we can resolve those issues. We can heal our ancestors and ourselves. 

The insight I received from ancestral healing gave me a sense of clarity and purpose I want to share with you.

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