A Power Story Experience

Endorsementof Gogo Griot
 by Sierra Moskios,
Youth Program Coordinator
the R.E.C. Room, Homer, AK

Gogo’s willingness to be flexible, her innate ability to play, and her genuine desire to inspire young minds truly set her apart. One memorable experience that stands out is when she engaged the youth in a storytelling Mad Libs game. It was truly a delight to witness their enthusiasm as Gogo Griot gave them prompts, and then masterfully wove those elements into a relevant and hysterical tale.

The game not only entertained the youth but also sparked their creativity and imagination. Gogo’s ability to effortlessly incorporate their contributions into the story fostered a sense of ownership and collaboration among the participants. The joy and laughter that filled the room created an atmosphere of connection and camaraderie, leaving a lasting impact on each young individual involved.

Through her captivating storytelling, Gogo Griot empowered the youth to explore the power of their own voices and narratives. Her ability to adapt her storytelling style to suit the interests and needs of the youth further demonstrates her dedication to their growth and development.

Gogo Griot's engaging approach created an inclusive and supportive environment where every young individual felt valued and encouraged to share their stories. By embracing their diverse perspectives, she nurtured a sense of belonging and unity among the participants, fostering empathy and understanding.

Her dedication to the art of storytelling and her genuine passion for empowering youth shines through in every interaction. Gogo Griot's unwavering commitment to creating meaningful connections exemplifies her profound impact on lives.

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