Tears ran down my face as I sat at my altar and realized my purpose is spiritual, any business I do comes from this seed. The time I spend on my knees in meditation and prayer to help relieve the suffering of all sentient beings is the most important work I do.

My spiritual practice led me to take the position of being a champion for the woman of color. Although, some women of color have amassed much wealth and achieved positions of power, relative to our numbers in the world, our combined knowledge and experience, though the numerical majority, we're still at the bottom. We all rise when we collaborate.

I call myself a late bloomer. Some would call me a career dilettante. I was a poet, a dancer, a performing artist, a temporary office worker, a non-profit director, oral storyteller, event organizer, a registered nurse, a voice-over artist, and now an entrepreneur.

Many women my age are happily caring for grandchildren, or traveling around the world, or like my sister, playing video games. But years ago, when I knew creativity fed my being, I never thought of retiring. My creations continue to be my children and grandchildren.

My creations are what I offer you, who are kind enough to drop by and visit this site.  Here you'll see some of my work in written, video, and audio form.  My goal, always, is to bring beauty and pleasure into your life.

The process of oral storytelling is fully collaborative. The oral storyteller needs her audience. Yes, I've told stories to a mic and people listen but it doesn’t cause the transformative magic of a live story circle. When the storyteller looks into the eye of a listener and sees the gleam of attention, she knows her magic is working.

The power of storytelling and collaboration is what I want to share with you. I invite you to join me as I continue my quest to communicate in ways that bring about conciliation and understanding in order to create a more compassionate world.

Skywalker Payne, Founder, Vibrant Velvet Voice