Unified Synergy Releases Generational Racial Trauma 

The Unified Synergy Approach 

The Unified Synergy Approach recognizes the unseen energetic sources of much unresolved generational trauma and facilitates methods of clearing the traumatic effects, however they may manifest. These methods facilitate a state of wholeness and healing. 

If you're an individual, you may find yourself feeling alone, isolated, without purpose or direction, even though you have the appearance of success. If you're an organization, constant staff turn-over, failure to meet goals, and lack of diversity may plague you like a bad dream. 

In either case, the source of your problems may well be the effects of generational trauma impacted by environmental stress. This trauma is deep, often unseen or unconscious, but is pervasive. The stressed environment triggering trauma may be natural, social, work, or family. You can end the trauma and change your environment.

Ancestral, Racial, and Spiritual Healing Circles

For groups and organizations, these facilitated circles in a nonjudgemental, safe space enable sharing of experiences to create understanding and improve teamwork.


A Powerful Experience

The continuing tragedy of racism needs healing. This is one way to begin. Sharing one's own stories is powerful. Participating in this gave me courage and hope.

Adele Person

Gained Insights

The space she created was warm and peaceful. The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. I gained insights I could never have reached any other way.

Diny van den Bout

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As a storyteller, community activist, non-profit worker, and energy healer, I’ve achieved recognition for facilitating story circles, workshops, and events to heal generational trauma, racial injustice, and inequity. My work is rooted in decades of experience with diverse businesses, people, organizations, and religions. This diversity empowers me with the ability to gracefully ease potentially combative situations and to open doors to change and collaboration.

With decades of experience in administration, organization, communication, facilitation, and healing, I'm able to easily discern problems and to help remove obstacles to personal and community growth.  My services are adaptable and have been shown to be effective for individuals as well as for groups. As an energy healer, I'm able to clear energy and teach how to protect your energy, essential in overcoming trauma.  As a storytelling facilitator, I guide people to find resources for education on racism and anti-racism and to free themselves of racist ideas through self-realization and spiritual efficacy.  

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