One day, I sat in my sacred space overwhelmed with a feeling of dread and fear.  My bank account was literally empty and no matter what I did, I never had enough money. “What am I doing wrong?”

How often have you told yourself that story. And when did you decide to change it, to create the Power Story that will fuel your life with energy and fill you with joy.

My story was – Some people could see my life as a failure. Didn’t get my Bachelor’s Degree until I was in my 40’s and then it was in Storytelling! Had a mid-life crises, became a Registered Nurse, for 10 years. Self-published two books that were not marketed well, so no sales. Invested in voice-over and ended up with a podcast no one listens to. And now, once again, bank empty and more debt.

I sat and breathed deeply. I rested in silence and allowed energy to flow. Responsibility was the first light. Purpose was the second. Soon ideas of how to move forward flowed.

So, I quickly changed my story. I’m grateful for this extraordinary life I live.  I was fortunate to have a secure, safe, loving childhood and youth.  My young adult years were a mess but I was able to be creative, not get pregnant, and not be traumatically abused in a series of failed relationships and two failed marriages. I flourished in my 40’s – 50’s as a creative writer, dancer, storyteller, practicing Buddhist, and non-profit administrative worker. And now, while other women my age volunteer, retire, or become professional grandmothers, I continue creating business in my way, and am blessed with teachers, ancestors, and coaches.

Are you listening to a story that brings you down rather than lifts you up?  Do you need help with healing or changing your story, to live your Power Story? Why not schedule a a short story chat to learn how you can change your story and be sassy too?  CLICK HERE.

(Originally written in April, 2019)