Ease Loneliness & Generational Trauma
Heal Your Ancestors, Heal Yourself

Transform Your Energy Through Ancestral Healing

You feel like you’re incomplete, crawling up a wall of ice, never fitting in, all alone in the recesses of your heart and mind. Stop!

You are here alive. Who endured how many challenges to live and survive so you could read this?  Your energy flows from you to your ancestors and back to you. 

 The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another.

Ancestral Healing is a facilitated communion with your ancestors. It's as ancient as the cave drawings and new as 21st century psychology.  

Release generational trauma, guilt, sadness, fear
A meditative approach to connect with ancestors
Non-religious practice to re-create your life
A heart-opening process
Private Zoom event

The Experience of Ancestral Healing

Skywalker facilitated an Ancestral Healing for me. The space she created felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful. The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma and I really felt my ancestors being able to heal their trauma through me. I gained insights I could never have reached in any other way.

Diny van den Bout, Mentor, Netherlands

I approached you to be my Spiritual Coach because I was impressed by your Ancestral Healing abilities. During the meditation you performed for the MNPC event, you enabled me, to feel relaxed, whilst offering me a safe space to speak to my ancestors, to heal and release my ancestors of the burden they have been carrying. 

Anna Blisset, Yoga Teacher, England

Taking time to understand what might have been happening for them and how that was passed along to my parent's parents down to me and my children seemed to open space in my being. I felt relieved of something I can't quite put my finger on, but overall relief. I will attend more sessions.

Sharon B. Rowe, Conflict Resolution, USA

Generational trauma, depression, loneliness, health problems may all be related to your energetic, genetic connection to your ancestors. Ancestral Healing is practiced around the world in different ways. Yet, you may have questions or doubts about its efficacy. In order to fully benefit from Ancestral Healing, to understand its roots and how energy healings work is essential for receiving the most benefit.

Thus, these workshops will provide information, along with ways to begin connecting with your ancestors to prepare for healing.

 Ancestral Healing Workshops

These healings are live Zoom events. Recordings will be available for registrants unable to attend. 

Wednesday, September 22, 4:00 pm AKDT, 5:00 pm PDT, 6:00 pm MDT, 7:00 pm CDT, 8:00 pm EDT 

Wednesday, October 20, 5:00 pm AKDT, 6:00 pm PDT, 7:00 pm MDT, 8:00 pm CDT, 9:00 pm EDT 

Wednesday, November 18, 4:00 pm AKDT, 5:00 pm PDT, 6:00 pm MDT, 7:00 pm CDT, 8:00 pm EDT

Wednesday, December 15, 5:00 pm AKDT, 6:00 pm PDT, 7:00 pm MDT, 8:00 pm CDT, 9:00 pm EDT 

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Take This Opportunity to Remove the Void in Your Life - Connect to Your Ancestors

Experience Emotional Connection

Ancestral healing releases unconscious blocks and repressed trauma to allow energetic connection.

Find Freedom in Forgiveness 

You heal yourself when you've forgiven your mistakes. Ancestral Healing maximizes your forgiveness.

Re-Create Your World

Ancestral Healing enables you to help your ancestors and yourself live the story you want for your lineage.

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