The Power of Ancestral Healing

The Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, Egypt. (Credit: Intarapong/Shutterstock) Almost every week, I see headlines of police killings of unarmed Black people, of children being handcuffed and humiliated by police. How

How Your Legacy Story Heals

The first definition of heal is to make sound or whole. As you reflect on your legacy story and in the process of telling it, whether you’re writing, recording, or

You Are the Light

Do you wake up every morning feeling the world is falling apart and you are too unimportant and too consumed with day-to-day survival to make a difference? I did. Until I decided to

Don’t Call Yourself a Minority!

Photo Courtesy Eye For Ebony Recently, I had to let a dynamic, talented woman of color know she was using racist language. The most racist word in the English language is

How to Budget for Happiness

           By Miesha Wilson Have you ever wondered how an extra $1000 a year could positively transform your life? Do you see yourself going on a cruise surrounded by your

Amazing Method to Overcome Fear

Be Sassy On Monday, I sat in my sacred space overwhelmed with a feeling of dread and fear.  My bank account is literally almost empty and no matter what I do, no one

How Gratitude Heals

Want career success? Desire happy relationships? Practice gratitude. Striving for health and fitness? Practice gratitude. Desire happy relationships? Practice gratitude. Striving for health and fitness? Practice gratitude. Seeking spiritual enlightenment? Practice gratitude. Gratitude is a virtue,

6 Keys to Happiness

You might have heard of the saying “happiness is a choice”, but the true meaning of this expression is often misunderstood. When this statement is used, the speaker or writer is saying

Welcome, Woman of Color

Photo by Andy Lee, Unsplash What stories are you telling about yourself, your life, your happiness or lack of happiness, your work, your desires, your purpose?  Are you telling a story
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Gratitude and Giving

I am grateful for you stopping by, whenever you do. Your likes and comments let me know my efforts have meaning. And this is what everyone wants, a feeling of