Are You a Woman Who Wants to Define Your Purpose & Claim Your Happiness?

Has the season of cheer made you realize you're not the happy, motivated, purpose driven woman you used to be?

Do you feel you need something new to regain your happiness and find meaning in your life?

Ready to try something new?  Check this out.

I appreciate the clarity that I gained from working with Skywalker about the benefits of telling my own story. Her wisdom and ease of her presence were a joy.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson
Boundless Freedoms

The concept of wholeness describes your spirit – someone who sees and shares beauty, who is adventurous and playful, and who looks at deep issues that many others avoid. 

Carol Hand
Educator, Writer

Your Compass to Happiness

Are You in a Fog of Discontent, Sadness, Despair, Lack of Motivation?

  • 4 Step Process to get you back on the path of happiness, meaning, & purpose
  • Tools to change your mindset and perceptions
  • Define mental and emotional blocks to happiness
  • Understand and direct your emotions
  • Transform your Mind
  • Create more joy, fulfillment, meaning and purpose in your life
  • E-Book - Mini-course - $47.00
  • With 1/2 hour one-to-one call for Your Purpose Driven Happiness Map - $100.00
  • With 1 hour one-to-one call for Your Purpose Driven Happiness Map - $150.00
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