When you recognize the total depth and breadth of being your voice is, you are using your vibrant velvet voice. Your voice begins with your thoughts and expands to include your actions, your interests and talents, your experiences, and your knowledge. And science backs this up.

A recent article describes how three different scientific experiments involving DNA, photons, and electrical charges all came to the same conclusion.

They concluded that human DNA literally shapes the behavior of light photons that make up the world around us! So when a new research was done, and all of these 3 scientific claims were connected together, scientists were shocked.

They came to a stunning realization that if our emotions affect our DNA and our DNA shapes the world around us, then our emotions physically change the world around us. And not just that, we are connected to our DNA beyond space and time.

We create our reality by choosing it with our feelings.

In this age of media and technological over-saturation, many think freedom of expression is rampant. The sad reality is few people actually use their vibrant velvet voice, their complete reflective voice. Much of what passes as communication is sound bites, emoticons, repetition of the latest tweet or Facebook post. Yes, those who do take time to write a thought-provoking researched article or post, or give a TED Talk, or offer an online course are using their voice.

You don’t have to be an online entrepreneur or writer to use your voice to affect your world. But, maybe you need to understand what your vibrant velvet voice is. Vibrant is the bright pulsation of the vigor of life. Yes, sometimes you may not always feel that brightness, sometimes you may not have the vigor but in the deepest recesses of your heart and mind, you aspire to be vibrant.

Velvet has three definitions. The first is soft and smooth but not in a weak way. Have you ever tried to tear a piece of velvet fabric? It’s strong. The soft, smoothness of a velvet voice is grounded in strength of character, motivation, and compassionate purpose.

The second meaning is winning a game of chance. What greater gamble is there than life? Every day of living is a gamble in one way or another and you’ve won more of those chances than you’ve lost.

Finally, the third definition is a gain beyond ordinary experience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, a mother, or a student, you’ve given and received services that offer benefits transcending the average occurrence.

Take some time to reflect on how your vibrant velvet voice is a reflection of your total being.