Do you wake up every morning feeling the world is falling apart and you are too unimportant and too consumed with day-to-day survival to make a difference? I did.

Until I decided to send light to you-the-world.

You whose skin is brown, black, yellow, red or pink. You who speak English as a second language. You who came to this country to escape tyranny or oppression or just to create a better life. You who worship Allah or Buddha or Jesus Christ or your own innate wisdom consciousness. You who choose love based on your own feelings and not someone else’s idea of right and wrong. You who are woman, like me, especially you who continue to deny your own right to control your body and to demand the same respect given to any man. And yes, you who are a white man feeling the changes of this century threaten your existence. To you who are trees, water, air, wild places, oceans, rivers, lakes, and all the four legged, hairy two legged, winged, and crawlers.

You-the-world, know I, this one-insignificant-striving-to-be-universally-conscious being, send you light to guide you through the darkness of these days. I send you the light that never dies, the light of wisdom, the light of love, the light of compassion, the light of courage.

Remember, it is darkest before dawn. Recognize change is constant and the most feared changes can become a tipping point. Yes, it is true this country, the United States of America, has a bloody karmic history. But the valor of those who stand firmly for the highest values of humanity have continuously balanced negative actions. Beyond the law is justice, beyond security is generosity, and beyond economic necessity is collective responsibility to preserve and protect all life.

You may feel as overwhelmed as I do at times. You cannot believe with all of the world’s technological ingenuity the governance of nations has fallen to the lowest denominator. Rather than celebrate the wealth of our diverse world, so-called leaders act like cave men, pull out their clubs and light their sticks ready to “defend” their caves against any one different.

I, this one-insignificant-striving-to-be-universally-conscious-being, like you, attempt to contribute to positive actions. I sign petitions, write, and call representatives. Still a nagging voice whispers does it really matter?

Out of the darkness rises the light of consciousness that I, as well as you-the-world, possess the power to create a safe and free life for everyone.

Remember your ancestors, elders, and teachers who soared with the eternal light sabers of courage, compassion, kindness, and generosity. With those sabers you, as they did,battle greed, ignorance, desire, jealousy, and hatred.

You-the-world are a conscious being. You and I need each other and must care for each other. You and I can illuminate these dark times.

The way may seem bleak and dreary. My ancestors looked to the heavens and followed the North Star to freedom. Now, know when you look within you’ll find your road to freedom. And know I, this one-insignificant-striving-to-be-universally-conscious-being am with you on that same road.

(Originally written many years ago. I fell into an intense vertigo and nausea, being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. My husband thought I was dying, the ER doctors thought I had a heart problem. After a night in ER, and one night in a room, with my hubby there all the time, diagnosis was ear problem.)