Practice Gratitude in Trying Times

How to Live in Joy with this Superpower

If you find yourself looking at the world and wondering why things are so bad, it's time to develop the superpower of Gratitude.

Yes, the world is filled with war and senseless, needless suffering. But every day, life offers gifts to bring joy and purpose to your life.

I wrote this book during a time in my life when I'd lost view of all the gifts life offers me. I went through every section and now never go through a day without saying "thank you."

Thanks for the clear blue sky. Thanks for the eagle flying by. Thanks for new clients. Thanks for my husband's success. Thanks for the good meal.  Thanks for the opportunities. Thanks for new friends. Thanks for avoiding an accident. 

Sometimes when life seems most blink, it's difficult to be grateful. But, it is in those times, when a bit of kindness, a friendly smile, a comforting touch can comfort. And you find gratitude for those simple human moments of caring and kindness.

The daily practice of gratitude can make you more aware of the beauty in nature, the value of your creativity and thoughts, the pricelessness of family and friends, and the gifts of your senses and your body's health.

Don't let the world's messes bring you down. Develop this superpower that can never be taken away.  This short Ebook will give you guidance and support when you need it. And its totally free!

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