Could You Be Happier?


How often have you thought or said, "I'm happy enough?"

What exactly does that mean?  Does it mean you're happy enough to continue getting up going to a job you hate, but it pays the bills? Or are you "happy enough" to stay in a relationship because it's better than being alone? Or are you "happy enough" to continue to babysit for your grandchildren when you'd rather travel?

Before you know it, you find when you say "I'm happy enough" you feel a lump in your throat or your stomach hurts, or your knees ache.  And sometimes when you're alone, you can't stop the tears.

Because you know "happy enough" is a lie.

When you recognize the lie, you're ready to change. You want to reclaim your happiness.  Sure, you may have the same challenges but you face them, understand them, and avoid the detours away from happiness.


Vibrant Velvet Voice is a creative community of women of color who guide, support, and accompany you on your path of happiness and fulfillment.

You Can Be HappierBegin Today
  • Are You Lost?

    Happiness is more than a feeling, it’s a life path. True happiness is a well-worn path that supports you through life’s challenges, losses, and unexpected events. But if you’ve received bad directions, or you’ve taken a long detour happiness may  seem a fleeting dream. It isn’t. Happiness is real and your birthright. With guidance, persistence, and support you can get back on the path and preserve your happiness.

  • Your Voice = Your Total Being

    You create your reality by choosing it with your feelings and thoughts, your voice. You have a vibrant velvet voice. Vibrant is the bright pulsation of life’s vigor. Yes, sometimes you may not always feel that brightness, sometimes you may not have the vigor but in the deepest recesses of your heart and mind, you aspire to be vibrant.

    Velvet is soft and smooth, strong and resilient. Velvet also means, winning a game of chance and offering gain beyond the ordinary. Reflect on your life experiences, you’ve won many chances in this game of life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, a mother, or a student, you’ve given and received services of great value.

  • Reclaim Happiness in a Supportive Community

    Vibrant Velvet Voice guides you back to the path of happiness, not as a temporary fix, but as a life-long solid journey. You will recover your innate strength, open your heart and mind, recognize and nurture your inner sources of joy, serenity, and abundance.

    Take your first step preserve your happiness,  join the Vibrant Velvet Voice community.


Skywalker Payne

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Skywalker Payne and I help women of color change and strengthen your internal mindset, thought patterns, and communication patterns to provide a foundation to be abundantly happy every day no matter what life throws at you.

You can only know success, fulfillment, inner peace, and life purpose by being happy with yourself and in your life. When you’re happy, you’re able to promote harmony, and to practice compassion for yourself and others. A happy woman knows she possesses true abundance.

Vibrant Velvet Voice will help you walk into the light. You will

  • Gain awareness and appreciation of your unique qualities – mental – emotional –spiritual – physical
  • Develop daily practices to strengthen your mind and will to be mindfully grateful in all situations and to hold onto the thought of happiness even in dark times
  • Be able to recognize all of your material, financial, creative, and intellectual assets that make you abundant and explore ways to increase and share your abundance
  • Feel radiant – the light of happiness will flow through and out of you. With this glowing self-confidence you will attract more light-minded people, your creativity and generosity will increase, your health will improve, and you will be able to communicate your true feelings without self-censorship or shame
You Can Be Happier Begin Today