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Legacy Story Project is a grassroots built woman of color consortium for online entrepreneurs to support and grow our businesses and ourselves. Through collaborative efforts we contribute to creating a more compassionate world of peace and prosperity for all.   The logo circle of figures surrounds the African symbol, Adinkrahene, which represents greatness, charisma, and leadership, qualities of the good legacy story we create through our lives and work.

The reason for this to be an all woman of color platform is because we African, Black, Latinix, Middle-Eastern, East Indian, Asian, Pacific Islands, and Indigenous women have the spiritual power to carry humanity into a higher level of living. We do this through our spiritual intentions manifesting in our work. We'll come together to increase our material wealth and influence.  And in that process we create and tell our legacy stories.

The Legacy Story Project platform is a subscriber site, currently, with three story circles. Full subscriptions, annual or monthly, gives access to all circles, live events, courses, and participation in the direction and development of the Legacy Story Project.

This platform is so needed in the online space. Now there will finally be a place where real introductions and connections can be made so much more powerfully and productively than random networking events. Skywalker is creating a safe space for business women to learn, grow and expand their reach and progress along the entrepreneurial journey.

Nikia Felipe, Spiritual Life Coach
Sistahs Fly High, LLC

Collaboration Is the New Currency

  • Opportunity to expand your wealth and influence through your active participation in the creation of this unique platform for the woman of color online entrepreneur, including direction, processes, future pricing, and offers
  • Meet, exchange information & collaborate with like minded women
  • End the isolation of being a solopreneur
  • A secure space for peer to peer conversations, exchange of information, and expression of frustrations and failures as well as successes
  • A supportive environment to create and to test new ideas, services, courses, & products
  • Exchange of ideas and information on technology, marketing, business expansion, automation etc.
  • Free access to online platform for collaborative events
  • Monthly Live Zoom gatherings for information & support
  • Special Zoom presentations by subscribers and guests

The Story Circles

  • Collaboration Connection

    The hub for all collaborations includes:  The Collaboration Pyramid Course – A Simple 5 Step Collaboration Process for Any Type of Collaboration; Use of HeySummit Platform to create events such as masterclasses, course previews, summits; Resource lists and links; Affiliate Opportunities; Monthly Presentations on Different Aspects of Entrepreneurship

  • Spiritual Salon

    A space for courses and discussions on incorporating spirituality into our daily lives and exploring the divine feminine.

  • Biz Legacy Story Challenge

    Clarify your life & business purpose through the Challenge Course and receive reduced rate for individual legacy story development.


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    • will be actively involved in developing the Legacy Story Project and its growth

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