Remove the roots of your emotional & spiritual pain

Gogo Griot's
Story Healing Experience

Releases Blockages, Anxiety & Unease

Sometimes, your free-flowing natural energy gets stuck and you need help to regain your joyful and purposeful story. Receive what you need, in this signature program, to quickly help ease all loss.

Is Life Giving You Lemons when you Desire Oranges?

You Can Remove the Pain

Inflation, disease, war, violence, politics, rejection can make any person feel sad, depressed, or confused. You may find your beliefs challenged or destroyed. Your body, emotions, or spirit may decline.

But you can recover what was lost through time-tested energy healing practices.

Get clarity of mind

Experience practices and methods to calm and focus your mind, so you can live with ease and comfort.

Increase Your Energy

Learn how to increase your internal physical, mental, and spiritual energy using a variety of methods.

Reach Your Dreams

Gain skills and knowledge that will enable you to make every challenge a gift or an opportunity for fulfillment.

A proven Approach that works 

Life Changing

I feel emotionally released from abusive patterns done by my own family which makes me more able to move on now.

Sierra Frost


Since the last session, I've received powerful insights and tools to self-regulate my nervous system when triggered. Yay!

Leah Moore


The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. The space felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful.

Diny van den Bout

"Lets have a Story Healing Exploration chat."

Gogo Griot


From her work in non-profits, to storytelling, nursing, and healing, her goal is to help relieve the suffering in the world.


Gogo enhances her healing events using her talents as a performing artist and storytelling. She puts the art in the healing arts.


In these times, it takes courage to tell people to smile, breathe deeply and be grateful. It requires that I live this thought every day.

Practice Gratitude in Trying Times

Gratitude is a super-power. Once, riding a bus in Los Angeles, an older woman sat next to me. She said, "You carry an attitude of abundance."

I thought that strange because I was broke. But as I reflected, I came to see, my practice of being grateful creates a sense of security, abundance, and stability.

Yet, I know many people find practicing gratitude difficult. This short eBook provides a simple, tested method to begin or to expand your gratitude practice.

"I wrote this eBook just for you. YES YOU!"

Gogo Griot



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