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Skywalker Payne tells the story of her deportation from England in 1982 to explain the beginning of this podcast show.  LISTEN HERE.

Zelda Cookie Wade, founder of 50+ Women of Color, Class, Confidence & Style explains how she has created a community of Facebook Groups that has grown organically through friendships to over 29,000 members in less than three years. Her groups include chapters across the USA, in Africa, and in Europe. You can reach Zelda at fpwcccs@yahoo.com or join 50+Women of Color, Class, Confidence & Style Facebook Group.  LISTEN HERE. 


Gulmakai Saleh is a speaker, mentor, and author, who loves to inspire children/students to be heroes to themselves and to their communities, encouraging positivity in self and in the environment, bringing them to a place where practicing the Golden Rule is contagious. She came to the USA as a refugee child from Afghanistan 37 years ago. She is the founder and creative director of The Golden Tree of Goodness. Visit her website or on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube        LISTEN HERE.


Christmas Hutchinson, cancer survivor and author defines resilience and how you can discover your resilience. Christmas is also a career coach and has a rich and varied career in corporate America. You will enjoy hearing about her experiences and benefit from her advice.  Visit her at her website and order her book -  The Resilient Mind: A field guide to healthier way of life on Amazon.  



Jen Alvarez is a dream guide in the tradition of her Mexican ancestors. In this podcast she explains her tradition and what she does. You can learn more about her work at Jen the Rainmaker, on Facebook, or email her jen@jentherainmaker.com


CEO of The Pretty Life Uf a Muslimah, Jannah Bayaan believes that through self-value, self-worth and self accountability we can repair our brokenness, live in our truths, and raise the next generation to thrive in a wholistic manner. Children's Book Author and Educator. You can find her at PLUM


A professional voiceover artist for over 20 years, Andrea shares solid information about the voice over business. She also recites her poetry and explains how she's expanded her voiceover skills with her sound drops to encourage others. You can reach Andrea on Facebook: Andrea Daniel Instagram: andread2347 LinkedIn: Andrea (Andi) Daniel


Ruby Yeh is the founder of Heart of All Women, an online sanctuary for women. She discusses what feminine leadership means and how it manifests. She also talks about overcoming the cultural constraints of being an Asian-American woman.


Linda Susan Husser shares her bold and bodacious philosophy soon.