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Race, A Concept Explored in Story Circle

Are you struggling to Heal Your Story Around Race

 “Am I racist?”  or “What has my white privilege given me” “Why are so many black people harassed and killed by police.” “Why do black people feel they deserve reparations.” “Why should I care about black people’s problems, I’ve got my own?”

These are questions being raised in social media, publications, and on the streets of cities and towns across the USA. These questions cannot be answered easily or glibly. But, through a close exploration of the story you’ve told yourself about race and the stories you’ve grown up with, understanding and lasting racial change can occur.

R.A.C.E.S.Race A Concept Explored in Story circle

To facilitate racial understanding and social transformation, Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions has launched this healing circle. In this circle you have the opportunity to address racial issues and ask questions, in a non-threatening, non-judgmental, informative space.

R.A.C.E.S. is a two hour live Zoom story sharing event created and facilitated by Skywalker Payne.

Participant in this Circle will

  • receive definitions of race, prejudice, and racism among other related words
  • through story sharing, explore how race impacts lives
  • with stories, questions, and games examine ideas, experiences, and emotions around race
  • have time to ask questions
  • receive resources and suggestions for next steps

A Circle requires a minimum of five participants to a maximum of fifteen. Circles must be a homogeneous, people who work together, are in the same organization, institution, class or group. The ideal circle will have a diversity of people, but if the group is not diverse, that and other issues can be addressed in the Circle. 

This is a participatory Circle. However, no one will be required to speak but participants should be prepared to write and reflect.

Powerful Healer

Skywalker Payne is a powerful healer who understands the needs of the receiver, holds space in a constructive manner and provides support as needed.   

Banita Negi

Calming Presence

You have one of the most gentle, kind, compassionate spirits I have ever come across. Your presence is calming and soothing. You are walking medicine to the soul.

Jen Alvarez


The concept of wholeness describes your spirit. You see and share beauty, and look at deep issues many avoid.

Carol Hand

Skywalker Payne, storytelling energy healer, is the founder of Vibrant Velvet Voice Productions. With a degree in storytelling, ten years of work as a registered nurse, Reiki Master certification, and a lifetime of spiritual practice, Skywalker’s insights are based on experience, empathy, and education. 

Skywalker's experience in the black community includes

  • staff writer for the national Congress of Racial Equality Magazine
  • publication in black publications, including being a newspaper editor
  • work in community non-profits
  • participation in protests
  • organizing multi-racial cultural events
  • producing storytelling events and circles
  • speaking and offering workshops at Disproportionate Incarceration of Black & Brown People and Latino Conferences

In addition, she expanded her knowledge of other peoples' racial/cultural struggles by travel to conferences, such as the Conference on the Disappeared in El Salvador.  And as a nurse she worked in the Navajo and Hopi nations and with Alaska natives.

Business, school, club, non-profit, or congregation ready to go beyond liberal platitudes to explore racial root stories?

  The R.A.C.E.S. Circle creates an open, storytelling space to nurture education, conversation, reflection, and  revelation.

Storytelling reveals common human qualities, experiences, and emotions. Stories also perpetuate and reinforce stereotypes, prejudice, and bigotry. 

R.A.C.E.S. Circle is a healing process with the goal of initiating and maintaining open, honest racial dialogue and interaction.

Please contribute to this work by sharing this page with any organization you think would be interested.

Your financial contribution will allow us to more quickly help more people heal their racial stories.

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