Skywalker's Story

My life has been filled with travels and  variety, I felt a photo journey would provide a quick introduction of the major points of my life. Below you can see how I've defined my Legacy Story.

I came to realize that most of my life I've been motivated by the concept of conciliation. Conciliation is the action of stopping some one from being angry  or mediating between two disputing people or groups. As I studied and began storytelling, I realized it's power is in serving as a vehicle for conciliation. With conciliation compassion develops.

My legacy story began when I was a little Catholic girl who truly wanted to be good. As a teen I questioned why men went to war.

As a representative of the Foundation for a Compassionate Society, in 1989 I gained an understanding of poverty and determination for social justice while attending the Women's International Conference for the Disappeared in El Salvador during it's civil war.

I produced the first inter-racial Dia de la Raza in Austin, TX in the late nineties. Black and white people joined in this large, multi-cultural festival receiving coverage by all the city's media.  Years later, while working for the Iowa Civil Liberties Union, I expanded their services to black and brown communities.

And this motivation for conciliation has led me to coordinate inter-faith events, produce storytelling programs, teach the healing power of storytelling, and finally to become the champion of the woman of color.

But it was in my personal life that conciliation became transformative.  The early years of my marriage were filled with intense arguments.  These were due to both of us beginning our relationship before we had fully recovered from toxic previous relationships.  One day, instead of responding in anger when my husband made me angry, I was quiet. 

Quickly I realized my husband is a person who needs to say what's on his mind and often it's best just to let him speak.  I began to understand that his anger was his anger, not mine and I did not need to be angry.  After a while, I even learned how to calm him down with kind words and kisses.  I learned how to practice conciliation at home.