Uncover spiritual strengths to steer your leadership journey.

Soul Leadership:
Spiritual Audit for Leaders

Wish someone could show you tools to ensure your leadership skills reach the heights to which you aspire? Your wish can come true today.

You’ve reached that height of leadership you’ve aimed to achieve. But something is missing. You’ve tried therapy, emotional intelligence quizzes, and maybe a retreat or two and still feel unfulfilled. The religion of your youth or those you’ve explored since, leave you dissatisfied and skeptical. Nothing has yet reduced that continuing feeling of stress following you like a shadow. You want to live with a sense of balance and joy.

Think of Soul Leadership as your private spiritual sidekick sage. Without having to leave the comfort of your home, you can express spiritual questions and doubts without fear of judgement, embarrassment or shame. You’ll receive spiritual insights without having to commit to religious rituals or community. These insights will be the ground for your seeds of aspiration to grow and blossom.


"A gifted writer, thinker, and storyteller who reminds me to look deeper to see that all life is sacred. -- Eric J. Baker"

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When you participate in the Soul Leadership: Spirituality Audit for Leaders, you will -

--- uncover unconscious spiritual blocks
--- understand how spiritual practice strengthens leadership
--- receive answers to basic questions about spiritual practice      --- learn a spiritual practice for clarity and focus

Once we receive your registration, you'll receive the Soul Leadership: Spirituality Audit for Leaders Questionnaire.

Using my lifetime of spiritual and religious study, including Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Toltec Ancestral Healing, and Reiki, I will conduct an analysis and response to your answers which will include a spiritual practice just for you.

You'll receive this detailed audit as a video for you to keep and review. You'll also receive a written transcript of the video.

Your audit will arrive no later than 72 hours after we receive your completed questionnaire.

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