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        I’m eight years old and suddenly think,  "I always was and always will be."  I'm a devout Catholic girl and learned that only God always was and always will be. But from that moment, I was protected, guided, and led to lead a spiritual life. Eventually, I learned the law of conservation of energy which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. And all living beings are made of energy.

         After leaving the Catholic Church in my freshman year of college, I began a spiritual journey. I took Shahada and practiced Islam. Later I received Hindu initiations, learned to sit in meditation, and practiced hatha yoga. Finally, I found my spiritual home in Tibetan Buddhism. 

           With that foundation, I learned Toltec ancestral healing, became a Reiki master, deepened my visualization ability, and recognized that gratitude is a superpower. 

             In April 2024, I accepted the calling to be a minister and was ordained by the Universal Life Church. 

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