I Am That We May Be

The African symbol in this design is the Nyanspo, representing wisdom, shown through knowledge, creativity, and patience.These  qualities give you the confidence and courage to claim your identity while embracing the common humanity we all share.

Gratitude Attitude

It’s my gratitude attitude is a statement of recognition of the healing power of gratitude.  Wearing this shirt says you practice gratitude every day.  You know your practice of gratitude creates prosperity, community, recognition of good, kindness, happiness, and appreciation for life’s blessings

Be A Force

Force has many meanings that are not negative. When you meditate on your chakras you connect your body, spiritually, to the universe as you build healing energy. This energy is a positive force. A force strong enough to generate an atmosphere of congeniality and peacefulness for positive change.

Your vibrant velvet voice is the sum total of your life experiences, your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and emotions. Each of us has a unique voice which deserves to be heard. When you wear a Vibrant Velvet Statement Shirt, you know the words you wear create harmony and understanding.

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