Photo by Andy Lee, Unsplash

What stories are you telling about yourself, your life, your happiness or lack of happiness, your work, your desires, your purpose?  Are you telling a story of frustration or fulfillment?

Negativity Has Impact

Every day you can hear a negative story. And too often that unreliable story is about you. You’ve got to look closely to know if you’ve subconsciously been telling yourself worthless stories. You can be the hero of your story or . . .

Do you continue to live your life the way you always have. Do you say or think, “This is my life, I can’t change it. I was born here. This is my name, I can’t change it. This is my job, I can’t change it.”

You can change anything you want to change.

Transformation begins when your frustration leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Or the light of fulfillment draws you like a nail to a magnet.

All of the things that society or your boss or company says can’t be changed are in constant states of change.

Only you can shape your life into your beautiful vision. You are not powerless.  

Tell a story you enjoy. Tell a story with meaning and purpose. Look at the story you’re telling yourself.

Are you happy with this narrative so far? Or are you, the main character, constantly placed in the victim role?g

Tell Your Story

Tell your story the way you want the world to know you. In your story, when you’re the lion, you scare the hunter so badly, he drops his weapons and cowers. Gently you lick his face, turn, and disappear into the dark depths of the forest to sit in meditative equipoise. You rest in the power of knowing you are the only one who can truly tell your story.

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