Spirituality is not religion. Religion is an institution built around a person or a spiritual truth or teaching. The Buddha did not start Buddhism, Jesus did not start Christianity.

Spiritual is not material. It is not seen, it is something we experience through our consciousness and heart. Spirituality is all around us and grounded in love and compassion to create happiness. Even people who say they’re atheists, if they practice kindness, if they love other people they are tuned in to some spiritual source.

We’re all connected energetically and spiritually. If we understand this we recognize other people suffer just as we do. Everyone wants happiness just as we do. It’s important to understand spirituality and to have a spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice takes many forms, rituals, going to church or a synagogue, or mosque, or sitting in silence. For some, it’s taking a walk or spending time alone writing or reading books by spiritual teachers.

It’s important to have some kind of spiritual practice because it feeds your heart and creates happiness inside of you. When you have happiness inside of you it expands, like light, to others.

Spirituality grounds my life. I do this work because without a spiritual source it’s hard to be happy. Connection to a spiritual source lets you feel you are part of this vast universe and not alone.

We’re all connected. You do have the ability and power to be happy and affect others with your happiness.