Are You a Woman of Color Who Wants More?

The Nyanspo, a symbol from the Twi people of Ghana, is a wisdom knot. It represents wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence, and patience. Qualities of the wise woman of color.

Your vibrant velvet voice is the essence of your life experiences, beliefs, and knowledge you want to share with the world. But to do that you sometimes need more

        • Collaboration to grow your business/organization, to start a new business/organization, to support the Woman of Color Business/organization
        • Compassion for yourself and others to overcome continuing challenges of bias, racism, injustice, and stereotypes by laying foundations for stories of empowerment, progress, and community building
        • Community develops and grows through communication, collaboration, and compassion.

Vibrant Velvet Voice offers all three to you through the services of the woman of color champion, Skywalker Payne.



By mid-century the Woman of Color in the USA will be a numerical majority.  Maybe, by that time, the woman of color will overcome the current 15% - 50% salary disparity with that of the white non-hispanic male.

The woman of color is a seismic force for creative and compassionate action in the 21st century. Through collaborative efforts this force becomes a catalyst for lasting change such that no woman of color will ever be called a "minority" and suffer all of the dehumanizing experiences that label brings.

This virtual conference will showcase the expanding online entrepreneurial marketplace of  products and services by the woman of color.


Your words were full of wisdom and insight. Thank you once again for being on my webcast and bringing a positive change to the world.

Gulmakai Saleh, Golden Tree of Goodness

Skywalker Payne is a gifted writer, thinker, and storyteller who reminds me to look deeper to see that all life is sacred.

Carol Hand, Voices from the Margins

Woman of Color Champion

Vibrant Velvet Voice champions, challenges and defies, the conflicting portrayals of the woman of color. Skywalker Payne is the woman of color champion, an advocate and warrior, for the manifestation of the compassionate collective power of the woman of color.

Compassion has been central to Skywalker's life from childhood. She questioned the Viet Nam war as as teenager. Shock and anger filled her when Black Panther community organizer, Fred Hampton, was shot in his bed by Chicago Police two weeks after she met him.

As she pursued a career as a poet and performance artist, Skywalker continued to question the harm humans do to each other. Her questioning led her to volunteer in a residential drug program in Washington, DC; to edit the weekly black newspaper in Greenville, SC; and to attend a conference for the disappeared in war-torn El Salvador.

Her search for answers to man's inhumanity, led her to dive deeply into spirituality. After over 20 years of seeking, Skywalker found a spiritual home.

She learned the causes of man's inhumanity are the poisons of greed, jealousy, desire, hatred, and ignorance. Through spiritual practice she knows compassion and acts of lovingkindness are the ground to end the suffering and challenges of all sentient beings.

Having grown in wisdom through a wealth of work, creativity, and travel, Skywalker knows it is time for the woman of color to reveal her power.  Through healing stories, telling stories, and in collaborations she champions the knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration of the 21st century woman of color.


Compassion is the commitment to courageous, conscious, magnanimous, peaceful, passionate, persistent actions that are sensitive, sympathetic guided by intuition, openness, and neighborliness.

The practice of compassion begins with yourself. Once you have perfected your qualities of compassion in your life it is easy to extend it to others. But you may find it difficult to find that compassion within yourself if you're telling yourself a story filled with anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence.

Vibrant Velvet Voice can help you heal your story to find your self-compassion through courses, books, podcasts, and videos.


Community creates confidence, courage, inspiration and motivation.

As a member of the Woman of Color - Tell Your Story Facebook Group, you will find the latest information from and about the woman of color. And a safe place to share your ideas, experiences, and challenges. This is a free group open to any woman who identifies as a woman of color, Black, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Pacific Island, Asian, Indigenous/First World and mixed race/ethnicity.

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