Captivate Your Audience With Your Business Legacy Story

Do you want to expand your business? Do you need more clients? Want to get more speaking  gigs? Are you frustrated, stressed out, unhappy? Are you tired of spending money on courses and not achieving your goals?

Maybe you need to change the story you're telling.  Go beyond a brand story to your business legacy story.  Your legacy story tells on a deep emotional level the seed purpose of your business.

I worked with a woman who wanted to get better speaking jobs. Together we found her core purpose and defined the powerful story she had to tell.

Articulating her legacy story made her fearless and more successful. Podcasts and TV shows  featured her. She’s gotten better speaking engagements and received awards


    • you feel people don’t understand what you have to offer
    • your analytics show people stop by your website but don’t subscribe
    • you’ve done lives and posts but aren’t getting clients?

You need to join the Biz Legacy Story Challenge. Register Here.

From August 12th - 16th, you will be guided to define your business legacy story.

This is for you if you’ve gotten stuck with the concept of “selling yourself.” Or you feel you have no storytelling skills and have never thought of your business as having a story. If you’re ready to claim and share the true value of your business, the Biz Legacy Story Challenge is for you.

During this challenge you’ll

    • learn the difference between a life story, brand story, and legacy story
    • define your business legacy story in the five step pathway
    • receive guidance to complete the definition of your business legacy story
    • learn the steps needed to develop and tell your legacy story

As you define, develop, and tell your legacy story you’ll see your business expand through the clarity and power of your business legacy story.

Register today for the Biz Legacy Story Challenge August 12 – 16th. CLICK HERE.


Vibrant Velvet Voice is a communication and production storytelling based business that champions the woman of color to expand her influence and wealth through collaboration. Our mission is to model new methods of business based on collaboration not competition.

We do this through an online consortium of entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations, Collaboration Connection. We expand members businesses and projects through collaborative efforts, community support, information exchange, and affiliations.

The Nyanspo, a symbol from the Twi people of Ghana, is a wisdom knot.  Like this symbol,  your vibrant velvet voice represents the totality of your being. Your wisdom, ingenuity, your intelligence, and patience are the qualities of Nyanspo wisdom.

By mid-century the Woman of Color in the USA will be a numerical majority.  Maybe, by that time, the woman of color will overcome the current 15% - 50% salary disparity with that of the white non-hispanic male.

The woman of color is a seismic force for creative and compassionate action in the 21st century. Through collaborative efforts this force becomes a catalyst for lasting change such that no woman of color will ever be called a "minority" and suffer all of the dehumanizing experiences that label brings.


Your words were full of wisdom and insight. Thank you once again for being on my webcast and bringing a positive change to the world.

Gulmakai Saleh, Golden Tree of Goodness

Skywalker Payne is a gifted writer, thinker, and storyteller who reminds me to look deeper to see that all life is sacred.

Carol Hand, Voices from the Margins